Tri Kit 101

With our last kit fit this weekend, prior to our first order, we thought it would be helpful to the new athletes and parents to understand what a “Kit” is and share some important information about it’s use.

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  • You wear your kit for every race you do!  Feel free to wear your kit to practice to get used to it.
  • You will wear your Kit for the Swim, the Bike, the Run… and post race, while collecting your medal and taking pictures with your team, family and friends!  With a Kit, athletes will never change clothes in transition (with the exception of peeling off a wetsuit or possibly during a long distance/Ironman).
  • Treat your Kit with respect!  It represents not just you, but your team!  Behave always with good sportsmanship, but most definitely when wearing your kit!  Never act in a way that wouldn’t make Mom, Dad or Coach proud!
  • Be sure you practice in your kit AND never wear anything new on race day!  Know how it fits or rubs. Wear it to practice.  If it rubs, you can use BodyGlide, which protects against chafing and blisters.  On The Run in Clear Lake carries this product.  Areas more prone to rub include the breast line (where the sports bra meets the skin), under arm areas, neck and sometimes around the leg band area.  Body Glide can also be used on your feet, if you are prone to blisters.  If you’re out of Body Glide, although not as long lasting, Aquaphor may work for  you in a pinch.
  • Kits are made of quick dry material, generally a lycra/poly blend.  The shorts will have a thin panel in the saddle area to add a little padding/comfort while on the bike.  Note that the pad in true cycling shorts is different than the pad in triathlon shorts, and should not be substituted for tri shorts.  The pad in cycling shorts will not dry and you’ll be left with “Diaper  Butt!”  And who wants that, really?  🙂
  • You do not wear underwear with your Kit!  No laughing, Kids!!! Doing so can lead to uncomfortable rub as your garments begin to dry after the swim, while on the bike and run. For  Girls, you’ll want to wear a sports bra, and not a regular bra — one with quick dry features works best. Depending on a Kit’s colors, when wet, can lose become slightly see-through.  In this case, some parents opt for a sports bra for  daughters, for modesty reasons.
  • Kits come in 1 pieces and 2 pieces (Top and bottom).  At our level of racing, It really comes down to preference.  Our club will offer both when demand/quantities will allow.  2 pieces are easiest; easy in/out, going to the restroom.  However 2 pieces, for some athletes, shift during activity and find they prefer a 1 piece because they don’t worry about, tug or pull at their kit; it stays in place.  Advanced athletes also appreciate the more “aerodynamic” technical advantages a 1 piece offers over a 2 piece.  A negative for a 1 piece is that it is a pain to take off to use a port-a-potty!
  • Kits can be washed in the washing machine, but will last longer if you hang them to dry.  Some people recommend using Lingerie laundry soaps for washing.

Have more questions on Kits?  Let us know!

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