A Look Back: Session 1/Week 1

ngpracWOW!! What a turnout.  So many new faces and so many familiar faces. Two of those faces that were both familiar and new were my own kiddos. As a parent, I finally got to see my kids do something that I have enjoyed for the past 25 years…my only regret was that their mother was home sick and didn’t get to see it with me. As a coach, it was very satisfying seeing so many smiling faces watching all of the kids work hard…my 2 included. I’m not sure when my kids will stop calling me Coach Crash at home, but I guess I do deserve it.

As I sit here and type, I am reminded of everyone that makes this possible…the kids, the coaches, the volunteers, the sponsors, the parents…everyone plays an important part in this club…and just like many sessions before, yesterday’s practice went by like clockwork. Thanks to everyone for a great kick-off and looking forward to another successful year.

Our main goal is to ensure that all of our athletes have fun doing this sport. We have a blast coaching these kids. One thing’s for sure, on race day, we may not always be the fastest, but I guarantee, they will be the best prepared and look professional doing it!

We learned a lot yesterday and we have a ton left to learn. Along with learning the rules of the game and hopefully the coach’s names, your kids learned the following yesterday:

How to properly enter a pool for a triathlon
How to swim in crowded conditions
How to snake swim
How to circle swim

How to properly mount
How to properly dismount
How to communicate on the bike
How to pass
How to get passed

Proper running form
Proper pacing (OK, we have a lot of work to do here!)
That we need to work on those celebration dances!
See you guys this week!

Coach Crash

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