NextGen Triathlon Club

Youth Triathlon Club


About the DOTS

The DOTS are a group of youth triathletes ready to focus, work hard, and take their training to the next level.  These athletes have the drive, ability, and willingness to train at a higher intensity, and are excited to compete at the highest levels they can. 

Year-Round Training

The DOTS are a year-round training program.  The group meets in person once a week, and will hold workouts 3-4 times per month, depending on the season, race schedule, and team needs.  


A tryout is required, and admission is at the sole discretion of the coaches.  Athletes must meet the try-out standards, be able to maintain the group’s pace and work ethic, and be coachable at all times.  Solid attendance is important, as is the willingness to attend both local and travel races throughout the season.  Open water swimming will be a part of the training at times.  Athletes are required to have either a hybrid bike or road bike (a road bike is preferred), have their own trainer, and wear the team uniform to all races.  Please contact NextGen for the time standards and to request a tryout.

Ready to Step it Up?