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Frequently Asked Questions

Ages 5-14. Events sanctioned by USA Triathlon (USAT) are required to follow USAT rules. One of these rules governs age. USAT does not go by the age of the athlete on race day. Instead, your “triathlon age” or “race age” is your age as of 12/31 of the current year. Benefits of membership include additional insurance and discounts with partners of USAT.

Click here for our current training dates and register here.  Our core sessions are typically held on Sunday afternoons, depending on facility availability.  Additional sessions may be scheduled for advanced/older athletes before or after core sessions, or at others dates and times to be determined when appropriate.  We offer open water training at various times throughout the year.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates.

Nothing fancy to get started! Swimsuit, goggles, cap, Bike, Bike Helmet (not a scooter helmet), running shoes and a good attitude! You’ll see lots of different gear on race day, but don’t worry as long as you have the above, you’re in! Keep in mind that aerobars and disc wheels are forbidden in USAT kids events.  Swim buoys are required for open water swim training.

A “kit” is the team uniform. They come in 2 pieces (a tri jersey and bike shorts) and in a 1 piece. Athlete’s will swim, bike and run in the kit (no quick changes required). Club kits are available for purchase, however they are optional.

Expect to rise early, be nervous, excited, happy, worried and everything in between. Your NextGen training sessions have prepared you, and you will, by far, be some of the best trained kids out there. Be confident in what you have learned, go and be great!

A basic race day agenda (remember your parents will have to go to packet pick-up prior to race day (in most cases):

  • Arrive at race site… timely!  Do not wait until the last minute.
  • Get “body marked” (volunteers will write your number on your arms and age on your legs
  • Setup your transition for quick changes and exits!
  • Look for the “Bike Out” and “Run Out” exits, so you know where you are going!
  • Check out the swim exit, and head back to transition; count how many racks you’ll pass to find yours in transition. In the excitement it is easy to forget!
  • Tell your parents, “Relax, I’ve got this!”, because they are really, REALLY going to want to help.
  • Take your cap and goggles with you – do not misplace them! Put them on your head or place them inside your swimsuit/kit.
  • Again, remind your parents, “I’ve got this!”
  • Swim, exit, head to transition
  • Cap/Goggles off, running/bike shoes on, unrack your bike and run it to the “Bike Out”. Mount your bike only AFTER the mount line.
  • Practice good safety on the course. “Passing on the left!” to your fellow athletes is a courteous way to let them know you are there!
  • Finish the bike, dismount at the line, run your bike to transition. Rack your bike and wave to your parents who are now ridiculously proud of you!
  • Make sure you have your race belt on and head to the “Run Out”. Smile for the cameras because they are usually all over the run course!
  • Head to the finish! Find your Finish pose! Finish Strong!
  • Enjoy your accomplishment – you’ve worked hard!
  • Write your “race report;” include the things you did great and the things that need improvement. Keep it for future reference. It’s not only a great read for Coach Crash, it’s also a great tool that can be used to avoid making repeat mistakes, and great for reliving victory!

Make sure they get a restful night’s sleep, eat a good healthy meal the night before the race, as well as the morning of the race. This will help fuel their bodies with the energy they need to complete the race feeling good. Also, make sure that they stay hydrated during the days leading up to the race, especially when the weather is extremely warm. Make sure their bikes are in good working order, including proper air pressure in their tires and checking that their brakes work properly. Most importantly, be calm and confident in their ability – if you are uneasy, they will be uneasy! You have set them up for fun and success.

Compile a race day check list. Every NextGen athlete will know, through their training, the importance of a checklist for race day. Have them compile it, share it with their teammates and coaches, get and share ideas. At the end, help them “audit” the list so they’re not bringing the kitchen sink! Do remember an extra pair of goggles and a cap – the craziest things can happen race morning!  Be prepared!

Packet pick-up is conducted by the race management team.  Pay close attention to the emails you receive for the race for which your athlete is registered.  They will contain times, dates and locations of packet pick-up.  Sometimes, pick-up is offered on race morning, but often it is NOT.  You must have you packet to race, and to get your packet you must present your individual USAT card.  You can print a card out online, or show the race management a mobile version from your phone.  If you can’t produce proof of USAT membership for a USAT race, you will be forced to purchase a 1 day license at a cost of $10 to race for the day.

USAT, or USAT Triathlon, is the US Sanctioning body of triathlon in the USA, similar to USAS (USA Swimming) and USATF (USA Track & Field).  USAT is broken down by region.  Our club is part of the South Midwest Region.  Anything you want to know about USAT is here.