NextGen Session 2 for 2017

Howdy Athletes and Parents!

How time flies…I hope everyone is having a safe and fun summer so far. Now, It’s time to get back to some serious training…for the kiddos of course!

Session 2
We are excited to announce that we have secured Clear Falls for our next training session leading up to the Captain Kids Triathlon. Session 2 will begin on Sunday, August 6th. As usual, we will be meeting in the back parking lot of Clear Falls near the tennis courts and natatorium. We will be meeting for 6 consecutive weeks leading up to the race. And as usual, we will be training from 3:00PM – 5:00PM every Sunday.

The cost will be $100 per child for the 6 week session. You can bring your payment to the first session or mail your payment to NextGen Triathlon Club – PO Box 1883 – League City, Texas 77574

Team Race
We will be focusing on the Captain Kids Triathlon on September 17th. The race is filling up fast. If you are planning on doing that race, you better get signed up. We don’t want any of the kiddos to miss out.

Here is a link to the race website:

Again – looking forward to another awesome training session. Please forward this information to anyone who may be interested. We will limit registration to the first 40 kiddos.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks!!

Coach Chris

Session 1 – May 15th

NextGen Session I

Session I Starts May 15th!   We are looking forward to a great session and having a lot of fun.  We will continue to meet at Clear Falls High School from 3pm-5pm.  Please plan on swimming, biking and running each week.  Please get your athletes in the habit of packing a water bottle, goggles, a swim cap, running shoes, socks, bike, bike helmet, spare tube for their bike (never know when you may get a flat) and whatever else they feel they need such as a hat or sunglasses.

During the May 15th practice we would like to take a few minutes to speak with the parents about helmet sizing, bike sizing and practice rules.


Tri Aggieland Kids Race

We are trying to get a group together to head to College Station to participate in the Tri Aggieland Kids Triathlon on June 26th.  It is a great race some of our NextGen athletes have participated in previously.  Here is the link for more information on the race:



Mini Session Starts March 20th!

We are looking forward to the start of the mini session on March 20, 2016!  We will break out our new club tent on Sunday as well as swim, bike and run!

Please meet on the backside of Clear Falls High School (behind the pool).

Some key items to bring to practice:
water bottle
wear your swim suit/tri kit
swim cap – each participant will receive a nextgen swim cap
small towel for transition area
shoes to bike and run in
socks (optional)
bike helmet – this is a must!  No riding without a helmet.
A snack will be provided.

NextGen Kick-Off Meeting

Club Kick-Off & Kit Fitting
February 7, 2016 ∙ 2:00 PM
1241 Butler Road, League City
(near the League City YMCA)


The kick-off meeting is a great opportunity to meet the coaches, ask questions and order kits.  It is also a great chance for the athletes to meet one another.

Session Dates

  • Session 1: March 20 – April 3
  • Session 2: May 15 – June 19
  • Session 3: July 31 – September 4


  • Session 1 – $50
  • Sessions 2 – $100
  • Session 3 – $100

Registration will be done online and opens on February 1st!

2016 Training

NextGen Triathlon Club will hold 3 youth training sessions in 2016.

A kick-off meeting is in the planning stages for February 7th from 2pm-4pm.  We are currently working out location details.  This will be a great time to ask questions, try on and order kits and introduce the coaches.  This is also a great chance for the kids to meet one another.

The training sessions will focus on swimming, biking, running, transitions and having fun!  Based on the weather over the last few years, we are pushing the start date back to avoid the cool and rainy weather in February.  Session 1 is a short tune-up session geared towards Houston Kids Triathlon.  Session 2 and Session 3 are each 6 weeks long.   All practice sessions will be held at Clear Falls High School except the practice on June 5th.  We will announce the June 5th location at a later time.  All practice times will be 3pm-5pm.

Session Dates

  • Session 1: March 20 – April 3
  • Session 2: May 15 – June 19
  • Session 3: July 31 – September 4


  • Session 1 – $50
  • Sessions 2 – $100
  • Session 3 – $100

NextGen Tune-up Clinic

Sign up for the FREE NextGen Tune-up Session on September 6, 2015 from 3pm-5pm at Clear Falls High School. The athletes will swim, bike and run as well as work on how to transition from swim to bike and bike to run.

This is a FREE clinic to all NextGen Triathlon Club members. For all non-members, the fee is $10 per athlete.

If you have multiple children you would like to register, please fill out the form once for each child.

Tune-up Clinic Registration Form


T’was The Night Before The Youth Triathlon

It’s no surprise; the night before a youth triathlon is probably harder on the parent than it is on the youth athlete! And if it is your kid’s first triathlon, well hold on.  You’ll run the gamut of emotions, especially if you are not already a triathlete!

The night before the race, stay calm. Young athletes can easily pick-up on your vibe.  If you are nervous, they will be nervous.  If you are calm, cool and collected, they will be too.  If your athlete’s confidence is wavering, that’s normal!  Don’t worry, get upset or frustrated.  Just remind your athlete how much they’ve prepared.  They are STRONG!  They are READY!  Remind them how great an achievement this will be when they cross the Finish (not to mention Kemah has great medals for the kids!!!).

But most of all?  Most of all, tell them how much you love to watching them swim, bike and run, enjoying the sport of triathlon.

Sometime during the evening, if you can keep their attention, have them do a race visualization.  Lay down with them and have them imagine in their minds exactly what they will do; how they will swim, how they will move through their first transition, how they will bike, how they will handle their second transition, and how they will run… and last, how will they cross the finish line?!?  What’s that finishing pose going to look like?  Studies have shown that sports visualization makes for a more confidential athlete on race day.

Remind Athlete’s to create and use a checklist to pack there transition bag. Also, remember, athletes wear their tri kit for all three disciplines (no undergarments, except sports bras for girls).

At a minimum Athletes should be packing:

A great, positive attitude!!!
A brightly colored small towel for Transition
Swim Cap (one usually comes in the race packet, but bring an extra!)
Goggles (bring an extra, if you have a 2nd pair)
Towel for drying off
Running Shoes
Socks (if you wear them)
Running Belt for your Race Bib (On The Run, Sun and Ski, Bike Barn, Webster Bike all have these)
Safety Pins (If you will pin your race number to your shirt. (be careful if you’re pinning your kit!)

Athlete’s should have a balanced dinner and a good night’s sleep.  For the Kemah Youth Triathlon, packet pick-up is from 5am to 6:45 am at the race site in the big, white tent. Arrive in plenty of time for stress free prep. Realize you will need to:

Park your car and Walk to transition
Wait in line to pick-up your Packet
Wait in line to get body marked (or apply tattoos)
Put sticker on helmet and number on bike (before entering transition)
Setup Transition
Note where the Bike Out and Run Out transition exits are
Meet up for the team rally with Coach Chris at 6:15 in Transition
Head to the swim start!

The NextGen team is excited to see the next generation of triathletes in action!

!!!Go NextGen!!!

What’s Happening as of 3/30/15

Lots of information, so please read through, here are the topics:

  • Houston Kids Tri (4/19) Wait List Information
  • Kemah Youth Triathlon (4/11) Registration (still open!)
  • Ironkids Fun Run (4/19) – An option if you didn’t get in for Houston Kids Tri
  • Braeswood Kids Triathlon (5/3) – Registration Link
  • Wait List Link for Houston Kids Triathlon
  • Update on Kits (Uniforms)
  • Want to get in on a 2nd order of kits?
  • Team T-shirts are In!

Houston Kids Tri is sold out, but there is a wait list.  Also, If you registered for this event and are unable to attend, you can donate your entry to a child who cannot afford the entry fee.  Click Here for the Wait List.

Kemah Youth Triathlon still has slots available 4/11.  Click here for registration.

Ironkids Fun Run on 4/25. Click here for registration.

Braeswood Kids Tri on 5/3. Get registered asap to ensure proper shirt size and take advantage of our nextgen discount by using discount code.  Email for the discount code.  Registration link is here. Get up close to see your triathlete in action and volunteer at the Braeswood Kids Tri, by registering here.
Team Kits (Uniforms).  Yay!  Our order is in production.  The kits are due to arrive in the 5 days leading up to the the first race of the year, Kemah Youth Triathlon on April 11th.  The Houston Kids Triathlon is April 19th.

We will schedule 2 pick-ups, in the evening the week the kits arrive. The pick-up point will likely be at Clear Falls High School, between 5:30 and 6:30 pm, the exact days to be determined, once we have a confirmed in-hand date from the manufacturer.

The kits will also be available for pick-up at Sunday’s practice on April 12th.

Payment must be made at the time of pickup.  No exceptions.  Cash or Check will be accepted.  Pricing for the kits includes shipping divided by the number of pieces.  There is no mark-up price; these kits are the actual cost.  Here is the breakdown.
$55 – adult top
$60 – Adult bottom
$41 – youth top
$44 – youth bottom

We do apologize the Adult style kits ran a more expensive than we anticipated. This is because we barely met the minimum quantities.  In fact, to help meet the Adult style minimums and ensure all of our athletes were able to get kit, some of our NextGen coaches and volunteers ordered kits for themselves!  We did everything we could to keep the pricing down.Keep in mind colors are brighter, more vivid and clearer when seen in person.  These images are for design purposes only.  Here is what they will look like:

Additional Kit (Uniform) Order.  We will be happy to coordinate a 2nd kit order, and can do so provided we reach the minimums.  If your child wears a Youth size, it is likely we will be able to meet the minimum.  If your child wears an Adult size, we will give it a try, but know that it will be challenging.  Note that kits take 5-6 weeks to arrive. Please email if you are interested in ordering a kit, and we’ll keep you in the loop.
Team T-Shirts are In! Team shirts are in and are complimentary as part of your NextGen registration. They can be picked up at practices.  See Donna/Jen/Jan to collect your athlete’s shirt!

A Look Back: Session 1/Week 1

ngpracWOW!! What a turnout.  So many new faces and so many familiar faces. Two of those faces that were both familiar and new were my own kiddos. As a parent, I finally got to see my kids do something that I have enjoyed for the past 25 years…my only regret was that their mother was home sick and didn’t get to see it with me. As a coach, it was very satisfying seeing so many smiling faces watching all of the kids work hard…my 2 included. I’m not sure when my kids will stop calling me Coach Crash at home, but I guess I do deserve it.

As I sit here and type, I am reminded of everyone that makes this possible…the kids, the coaches, the volunteers, the sponsors, the parents…everyone plays an important part in this club…and just like many sessions before, yesterday’s practice went by like clockwork. Thanks to everyone for a great kick-off and looking forward to another successful year.

Our main goal is to ensure that all of our athletes have fun doing this sport. We have a blast coaching these kids. One thing’s for sure, on race day, we may not always be the fastest, but I guarantee, they will be the best prepared and look professional doing it!

We learned a lot yesterday and we have a ton left to learn. Along with learning the rules of the game and hopefully the coach’s names, your kids learned the following yesterday:

How to properly enter a pool for a triathlon
How to swim in crowded conditions
How to snake swim
How to circle swim

How to properly mount
How to properly dismount
How to communicate on the bike
How to pass
How to get passed

Proper running form
Proper pacing (OK, we have a lot of work to do here!)
That we need to work on those celebration dances!
See you guys this week!

Coach Crash